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66Liste des Roofing Trends

26 Janvier 2023

Roofing Trends for 2023

bardeaux asphalte 2023 BP Mystique Gris ardoise

When enhancing your home’s exterior, aim high! People are increasingly discovering that their roof can have a dramatic impact. The look of your roof can make or break your property’s curb appeal. It’s a good idea to be on top of today and tomorrow’s roofing trends. This is easier than ever since leading roofing expert…
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31 Août 2022

Five reasons to use the BP roof visualization tool

outil comparaison bardeau asphalte toit visualizer

When choosing a new roof, it’s not enough to consider the features and manufacturer of each asphalt shingle model or even the type of shingle to install (architectural-laminate or the classic “3-tab”). Although these are important considerations, you want shingles that complement your home. But it can be difficult to determine whether the new roof…
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7 Février 2022

Roofing trends 2022

bardeaux toit bp mystique couleur gris ardoise

Did You Know? It is recommended to check your roof after every winter to ensure that shingles, accessories such as plumbing vents and ventilators, and sealant are in good condition. There are many reasons to replace asphalt shingles on your roof, such as broken, wavy, brittle or cracked shingles. To avoid water leaks that may…
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