Five reasons to use the BP roof visualization tool

outil comparaison bardeau asphalte toit visualizer

When choosing a new roof, it’s not enough to consider the features and manufacturer of each asphalt shingle model or even the type of shingle to install (architectural-laminate or the classic “3-tab”). Although these are important considerations, you want shingles that complement your home. But it can be difficult to determine whether the new roof will match your home when it is complete, particularly when relying only on a photo or shingle sample. Which makes a roof visualization tool such as the new BP Visualizer so useful in giving you an accurate preview of the final result once your new roof is installed.

It should be noted that visualization tools are not created equal. BP’s Visualizer, also known as the virtual decorator, offers several options for previewing your new roof! Here are five reasons to use the BP roof visualization tool.

Use your own photo or Google Street View

Do you want to visualize a few roofing shingle models and colours on your own home before making the final choice of new roof, but you don’t have a photo on hand? No need to worry, we’ve got you covered! Because Google Street View is integrated directly into the BP Visualizer, simply enter your home address in the tool and you can work with the photo used by Google.

roof visualization tool with google street view

Compare two roofing options simultaneously

Most roof visualization tools allow you to view the result with just one asphalt shingle model at a time. To make the process easier and more efficient, the BP virtual decorator allows you to simultaneously compare two colours and types of roofing shingles directly on the same image. What’s more, you can scroll the cursor from side to side to better analyze the results of each option.

roof visualization tool compare color categories

Group roof colours by category

Today asphalt shingles are available in a wide selection of colours, which can make finding the ideal colour more complicated. You probably already have an idea of the colour categories you want, or maybe the ones you don’t. To make your choice easier, the BP Visualizer allows you to group the colours by category such as “brown”, “black”, “beige” or other. You can focus on what is essential and make a more informed choice!

roof visualization tool compare asphalt shingles

A tool powered by artificial intelligence

Thanks to the artificial intelligence integrated into the roof visualization tool, your photos are handled much better for an improved rendering of your home’s roof. The tool gives you the most realistic view of the final result, which even includes the curves of your roof and window openings.

roof visualization tool with artificial intelligence

Share easily on social media and by email

Once you have found a combination you are happy with, you can easily share it with whoever you want on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or by email! It’s an easy way to get opinions on your choice of asphalt shingles.

share custom roof project asphalt shingles

Are you ready to find the perfect roof for you home? Try the improved BP roof visualization tool now!

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