Roofing trends 2022

bardeaux toit bp mystique couleur gris ardoise

Did You Know? It is recommended to check your roof after every winter to ensure that shingles, accessories such as plumbing vents and ventilators, and sealant are in good condition. There are many reasons to replace asphalt shingles on your roof, such as broken, wavy, brittle or cracked shingles. To avoid water leaks that may occur due to a damaged roof, perhaps you are planning to replace your roof in 2022. Before you choose your new roof, you should know that just like interior design, there are emerging trends for exterior design as well. And it’s safe to say that exterior design is reaching new heights in 2022 – literally!
Always at your service, we’ve compiled these 4 trends that are sure to make a splash in 2022:

Nature-inspired roof shingle colours

Since you probably spend more time at home now than you used to, you want a design that is relaxing, natural and reminiscent of the good old days. These decorating trends also translate to building materials such as the exterior of your home, as well as its roof. Trendy roof colours are deeper and richer than ever, inspired by stone, earth, sand, bark and seawater – all adaptable and timeless shades that enhance a home’s unique character while also evoking a sense of calm and blending into the surrounding environment. Natural gray and beige combinations, along with a touch of blue will be particularly popular, as will earthy gray tones reminiscent of aged wood.

bp quality asphalt manoir shingles, versailles colour
? BP Canada | Shingles: Manoir | Colour: Versailles

bp asphalt manoir shingles carcassonne nature trend colour
? BP Canada | Shingles: Manoir | Colour: Carcassonne

Roofs that match the house’s materials

Clean lines, contrasts and textures will generate a wow effect for roofs in 2022. Asphalt shingles will act as a cohesive agent, unifying wood, stone, coloured fiber cement and ceramic steel elements into a harmonious whole. Shingles with tone-on-tone textures or a clever mix of colours will perfectly match the different finishing elements. They are designed to exude warmth and add a natural feel to your roof in addition to enhancing it.

bp mystique slate grey roof shingles
? BP Canada | Shingles: Mystique | Colour: Slate grey

bp affordable laminate roof shingles, black slate mystique
? BP Canada | Shingles: Mystique | Colour: Slate black

bp manoir vienna laminated shingles
? BP Canada | Shingles: Manoir | Colour: Vienna

Made-to-measure asphalt shingles

The wide range of colour and texture combinations this year means choosing a roof that matches your home’s personality and individual style is easier than ever. Rich brown earth tones with a natural stone texture, for example, lend themselves to a country look, while classic, timeless grey shingles offer a soft contrast to the multi-gabled roof of a contemporary home. For a more modern aesthetic, grey-brown shaded shingles work well with today’s popular dark brown and black exteriors.

bp’s mystique stone wood roofing
? BP Canada | Shingles: Mystique | Colour: Stone wood

bp’s manoir bavaria best shingle on the market
? BP Canada | Shingles: Manoir | Colour: Bavaria

bp made-to-measure classic brown mystique asphalt shingle
? BP Canada | Shingles: Mystique | Colour: Classic Brown

Foolproof protection thanks to the best asphalt shingles

In an era of ever-increasing severe weather conditions, today’s roofs should be built to last. Technological advances allow them to provide unprecedented performance. When replacing your roof, be sure to choose high-performance asphalt shingles that offer maximum strength and protection against high winds, heavy rain, ice formation and hail. In short, make sure you choose the best shingle on the market, featuring high impact resistance and that meet the highest industry standards.

bp made-to-measure vanguard twilight grey asphalt shingles
? BP Canada | Shingles: Vanguard | Colour: Twilight grey

bp manoir balmoral resistant asphalt shingles
? BP Canada | Shingles: Manoir | Colour: Balmoral

Test these new roof looks and select the colours that best complement your house with our visualizer tool. Using this tool, you will be able to visualize online exactly how your house will look with its new roof. Once the picture of your house is added to the visualizer, feel free to test different types of asphalt shingles in various colours. In just a few clicks, you will get a preview of the final result. You can then make sure that the colour you choose for your new roof will match the style and materials of your house.

To discuss replacing your roof with new asphalt shingles, don’t hesitate to contact a BP Canada certified expert in your area for advice. He or she will be happy to assist with your project and will also be able to provide a free, formal quotation. Building Products of Canada Corp. has been manufacturing quality home building and renovation products since 1905. A leader in the home building industry, BP Canada is a supplier of choice for high quality, value-added products and services with a focus on the building envelope.

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