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Lists of potential buyers on as well as consumer inquiries sent to our call center. Promotional tools including brochures, door hangers and site signs displaying the name and telephone number (s) of your business. Certificate of approval offering to your customers.


Deluxe sales kit including a slope calculator, a checklist for your projects, system design layers, product documentation and much more. Folding kit to show all the colours of each range of shingles. Online releases containing information about ....


Once certified, the roofer will, over time, have access to gold and platinum levels where he will have access to additional benefits to increase the profitability of each roofing project. Become a BP certified Roofer.


BP's Weather-Tite® roofing system, including underlayment, waterproofing membranes and premium shingles, provides superior protection to the point of offering extended warranties sold exclusively by BP's certified roofers. This effective sales tool extends the total protection period for up to four (4) years of shingles without exclusions.


LaSalle Plant

9510, St.Patrick street
LaSalle (Quebec), Canada
H8R 1R9

Edmonton Plant

3703 – 101 avenue N.W.
P.O. Box 576
Edmonton (Alberta), Canada
T5J 2K8

Pont-Rouge PlantPont-Rouge Plant

420, Dupont street
Pont-Rouge (Quebec), Canada
G3H 1S2