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R-5 XP Panel
R-5 XP Panel
R-5 XP Panel
R-5 XP Panel

R-5 XP is designed with sound building science in mind. Energy efficiency is not only achieved through added continuous insulation but also through air tightness. When the panel is installed with the polystyrene facing outside it makes the design and installation of the air-barrier system much easier thanks to its low air permeability (<0.02 L/s par m2 @ 75 Pa). Moreover, R-5 XP remains permeable to water vapour allowing any accumulated moisture to escape to the outside keeping the wall dry over time to ensure stays mould-free.

Product Code



1219 mm x 2743 mm 48″ x 108″


123.7 m² (1 332 ft²)




CAN/ULC S706.1, Type II Class 3
CAN/ULC S701.1, Type III
CCMC #12044-L
CCMC #11420-L

Application Instructions

R-5 XP

Technical Data Sheet

R-5 XP

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

R-5 XP


R-5 XP