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R-4 HP Panel
R-4 HP Panel
R-4 HP Panel
R-4 HP Panel

4 reasons to build with our new R-4 HP exterior Insul-Sheathing

1 – Excellent rigidity

New R-4 HP offers the same rigidity as a 13 mm (1/2 in.) wood bre panel, without its heavy weight. BP breaks new ground with its 11 mm (7/16 in.) wood bre panel that’s as rigid as a 13 mm panel (1/2 in.). A lightweight product that’s easy to handle and install.

  • Increased rigidity without additional weight
  • Easy to position on wall partition
  • No additional support needed

2 – True R-4 insulation

A panel that lives up to its name. BP made sure that the manufacturing parameters of both wood fibre panels and BP’s white expanded polystyrene Type II panels met the precision standards. Once the panels are fixed together, they create a true R-4 thermal resistance. You can trust BP’s R-4 HP, measured and tested!

  • True R-4 thermal resistance
  • Covers thermal bridges
  • Proven insulation performance, measured and tested

3 – Helps qualify for LEED® credits

R-4 HP offers excellent sound attenuation properties and a higher water vapour permeance rate compared to other panels on the market, so the wall cavity is kept really dry. This also assures that only high quality houses are built. BP’s R-4 HP is made of 98% recycled and local products, and helps qualify for LEED® credits.

  • Offers superior soundproofing
  • Maintains drier wall cavities
  • Helps qualify for LEED® credits

4 – Available in larger dimensions for added efficiency!

New energy ef ciency rules have changed construction methods. As a result, contractors must deal with higher costs… and every penny counts.

BP now introduces a 1.22mx2.79m(4ft.x9ft.2in.) R-4 HP. The simple addition of 2 inches makes installation faster, easier and more efficient because there’s no jointing. See for yourself!

  • Added efficiency
  • Uncompromised quality
  • Jointless installation
  • Quick installation
  • Easy handling
Product Code



4′ X 8′ (48″ X 96″)
4′ X 9′ (48″ X 108″)
4′ X 9’2″ (48″ X 110″)


118.9 m² (1 280 ft²)
133.8 m² (1 440 ft²)
136.3 m² (1 467 ft²)




CAN/ULC S706.1, Type II Class 3
CCMC 12044-L, CCMC 12895-L
CAN/ULC S701.1, Type II

Application Instructions

R-4 HP BP Insul-Sheathing Panels

Technical Data Sheet

R-4 HP BP Insul-Sheathing Panels

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

R-4 HP BP Insul-Sheathing Panels

LEED Brochure

R-4 HP BP Insul-Sheathing Panels


R-4 HP BP Insul-Sheathing Panels