Building Products of Canada Corp. is proud to announce the introduction of its new R-5 XP BP Insul-Sheathing panel. Combining the mechanical properties of BP’s wood fibre panels and the insulation properties of Dow Chemical’s extruded polystyrene, R-5 XP offers a one-step solution to meet the energy-efficiency requirements for both the Ontario and Quebec building codes.

Here are the reasons builders should use R-5XP:

  • Provides a continuous thermal resistance of R-5 meeting the requirements of Supplementary Standard SB-12 (Ontario) and Section 11 of the Quebec Building Code;
  • Does not require additional bracing reducing both material and labour costs;
  • Meets both air-barrier and weather-barrier standards eliminating the need and the cost of installing housewrap;
  • Water vapour permeable keeping the wall assembly dry and mold-free over time;
  • Lightweight and easy to install.

R-5 XP is designed with sound building science in mind. Energy efficiency is not only achieved through added continuous insulation but also through air tightness. When the panel is installed with the polystyrene facing outside it makes the design and installation of the air-barrier system much easier thanks to its low air permeability (<0.02 L/s par m2 @ 75 Pa). Moreover, R-5 XP remains permeable to water vapour allowing any accumulated moisture to escape to the outside keeping the wall dry over time to ensure stays mould-free.

The introduction of R-5 XP is yet again a testament to BP’s commitment to providing Canadian builders with the products they need in order to offer comfortable and healthy homes to their customers while meeting ever-evolving building codes.

For more information on R-5 XP, please contact your local BP representative or
Click here to access R-5 XP details.


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