The Weather-Tite™ System: What Is It?

To understand the Weather-Tite™ Roofing System, you need to consider the elements that make up a roof.

Most Canadian residential roofs are covered with asphalt shingles. Beyond a quality shingle, do you know what it takes to build a roof that will protect you from the whims of Mother Nature year after year?

What is a quality roof made of?

In general, for optimal performance, a roof should include the following 5 elements:

    1. Eave Protection: Ice that accumulates due to freeze-thaw cycles can cause considerable damage to the eaves. However, Weathertex® and Gripgard waterproofing membranes offer all the protection a roof may need.
    2. Underlayment: BP Prodeck, Suredeck, BP Deckgard, and BP lined asphalt felt provide exceptional additional protection against rain that may seep under shingles in high winds.
    3. Starter Shingles: BP starter shingles reduce installation time and waste by eliminating leftover shingles. Another option would be to turn to cut-out classic 3-tab shingles for this step. Regardless of the chosen option, this first row is crucial for protection against wind and water infiltration.
    4. Shingles: BP shingles provide maximum protection against the elements and incorporate our Weather-Tite™ technology ultra-adhesive dual sealant bands. Our classic 3-tab shingles offer proven performance and durability in a wide range of colours, while our high-end architectural shingles feature a rich array of modern colours.
    5. Hip and Ridge: Cut-off classic 3-tab shingles define your roof and provide advanced protection along with a flawless finish. For a three-dimensional effect and a simplified installation, choose our Silhouette multi-layered hip and ridge.

To build a Weather-Tite™ system, you simply need to use BP products for each of the 5 steps above mentioned. In doing so, you will enjoy a superior roofing system—which will automatically be covered by an enhanced warranty: the Weather-Tite™ Roofing System Warranty.

Of course, the location and architecture of a home will influence the final composition of its roof. That’s why it’s important to comply with local Building Codes and applicable regulations when undertaking renovation work such as roofing. In addition, calling on a professional such as a certified BP roofer will guarantee a flawless installation for an unmatched performance.

To find out more about the Weather-Tite™ Roofing System—and its industry-leading warranty! —click here.