Roofing Trends for 2024

Have you ever noticed that the roof alone accounts for a third of your home’s visible surface? So when it’s time to replace it, there are many considerations to take into account, such as style and weather resistance. Being aware of roofing trends for 2024 will help you make the right choice. This year’s trends are nature-inspired with neutral colours, while offering a balanced fusion of tradition and modernity. Explore these trends and the new colours developed by BP’s CHROMA® Colour Lab to make an informed decision that enhances your property’s unique look..

Nature-Inspired Colours

Asphalt shingles in neutral colours such as grey, beige, greige, black and natural wood will be a leading trend in 2024. Understated, elegant and versatile, they draw inspiration from nature to create a flexible aesthetic that blends harmoniously with a wide variety of architectural styles.

For example, the brown and dark grey hues of the Arabica colour in our new Signature shingle line are the perfect complement to white, beige, dark brown or natural wood siding.

asphalt shingles 2024 BP Signature colour Rye Arabica
BP | Shingles: Signature | Colour: Arabica (Eastern Canada) / Rye (Western Canada)

Classic Colours Reinvented

Classic shingle colours such as blue and red, have been revisited to offer subtler, richer shades, in response to market demands and current trends. These shades have also been developed to last over time, making it easier to match them with different types of exterior cladding.

For example, the multi-hued Newport colour in our Signature shingles line, blends perfectly with grey, blue, ivory and natural wood siding, creating a soothing, contemporary aesthetic. Unlike previous blues, which were more saturated and intense, this new shade is more subtle.

asphalt shingles 2024 BP Signature Fiji Newport
BP | Shingles: Signature | Colour: Newport (Eastern Canada) / Fiji (Western Canada)

The Mystique line also includes the new Sangria shade. This softer, more nuanced take on traditional red shingles perfectly embodies modern, classic elegance. The balance between red and grey creates a captivating visual effect: warm red blends beautifully with modern grey tones.

roofing shingles 2024 BP Mystique Sangria
BP | Shingles: Mystique | Colour: Sangria (Only available in Eastern Canada)

Solid vs. Nuanced Shades

Two notable trends are on our radar for 2024: asphalt shingles in solid or shaded colours.

Uniform colours appeal to those who prefer a roof with an understated, elegant aesthetic that stands out for its rich, deep colour. These hues are usually paired with more neutral, classic colours such as black, grey and brown. The colours in the Signature line are now purer than ever thanks to a richer, deeper granule composition. Cumin is the industry’s most intense black, while Arabica is a pure brown, free from red or orange nuances.

asphalt shingles 2024 BP Signature Cumin Kanji
BP | Shingles: Signature | Colour: Cumin (Eastern Canada) / Kanji (Western Canada)

More nuanced shades add interest. In this growing trend, a beautiful effect is created by incorporating both your property’s colours and an accent hue. Dublin, with its coppery and grey hues, pairs beautifully with sandy-toned siding, grey stones in subtle natural shades and brown tones that add a touch of warmth.

roofing shingles 2024 BP Signature Dublin Edinburgh
BP | Shingles: Signature | Colour: Dublin (Eastern Canada) / Edinburgh (Western Canada)

To ensure the roof harmonizes with your property, we recommend staying true to the house’s style and colour palette create the most attractive façade. With the exclusive colours in our different shingle lines, we offer a range of possibilities to enhance the overall aesthetics of any home.

Custom Shingles for a Unique Look

If you love bold design and want a roof that stands out, you can create a signature look for your home and roof with ProFusio™, an innovation from our industry-leading CHROMA® Colour Lab. By fusing various Signature, shingle colours, we’ve created new, highly customized roof shades to express your unique style. It’s like nothing else! Alternating two Signature shingle colours in successive rows, creates a third colour for a complementary or contrasting visual effect.

asphalt shingles 2024 BP Signature Profusio

High-Performance Weather-Resistant Shingles

Your regional climate will also affect which asphalt shingles you choose. For example, BP Canada’s Vangardshingle, with its UL-2218 Class 4 impact rating, offers extra protection in hail-prone areas. For windy areas, shingles such as Manoir or the new Signature, feature the new Weather-Tite® Plus technology with two bands of sealant that provide protection against winds of up to 220 km/h.

roofing shingles 2024 BP Vangard Twilight Grey
BP | Shingles: Vangard | Colour: Twilight Grey

Try out these new roof trends for yourself with the free Visualizeronline tool. It lets you visualize how your home will look with its new roof. Upload a photo of your home into the tool to test different types of asphalt shingles in a variety of colours. In just a few clicks, you can preview the final result to ensure that you choose a colour that matches the style and materials of your home.

roofing shingles 2024 BP Visualizer

Consult a BP Canada-certified roofer in your area if you’re considering replacing the asphalt shingles on your roof. They will guide you through the process and provide you with a detailed quote. Building Products of Canada Corp. has been a leading manufacturer of quality building products since 1905, offering high-end solutions for home construction and renovation. As a supplier of choice, BP Canada focuses on the building envelope, offering high-quality, value-added products and services to the construction industry.


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