Manoir shingles : A royal treatment for your roof

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The new range of Manoir asphalt shingles takes its inspiration from the breathtaking beauty of Europe’s spectacular castles, which have stood the test of time and excited generations of builders. Now it’s your turn to enjoy the finest collection of roofing shingles on the market today. Give your roof the royal treatment it deserves!

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📷 BP Canada | Shingles: Manoir | Colour: Versailles

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📷 BP Canada | Shingles: Manoir | Colour: Vienna

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📷 BP Canada | Shingles: Manoir | Colour: Bavaria

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📷 BP Canada | Shingles: Manoir | Colour: Balmoral

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📷 BP Canada | Shingles: Manoir | Colour: Carcassonne

The ultimate protection against the elements

Just like natural stone, Manoir shingles were made to last and handle the roughest weather. Manoir shingles feature new Weather-Tite® Plus Technology, an improved version of BP’s patented wind resistance technology. The Weather-Tite® Band protects from wind-driven rain while the new Hurricane® Band will provide superior protection from blow-offs.
Manoir shingles come with a standard wind warranty of 220 km/h, which can typically be found in category 4 hurricanes. Manoir shingles also feature an extensive dual-layer construction, and their SeBS polymer-modified asphalt formulation provides added flexibility, long-term granule retention, and meet the requirements of Class 3 according to the Standard FM 4473 for the resistance to the impact that it could undergo.

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Chroma Colour Lab

Manoir is also the first line of asphalt shingles to come out of BP’s newly-created ChromaTM Colour Lab, a place where advanced granule application technology and expert colour design come together to create spectacular sophisticated natural blends which beautifully compliment today’s upscale exterior finishes. In creating the 5 dream colours at the heart of our Manoir collection, our designers were inspired by the most beautiful castles from Scotland to Bavaria. These elegant and timeless shingles are perfectly suited to all types of architecture, siding and landscaping. Treat yourself to an exceptional product that will stand out and increase the value of your property!

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Old-World charm, New-World Performance

Manoir recreates the sophisticated look of natural stone and slate roofs of yesteryear, without the weight and maintenance drawbacks. Above all, it combines beauty and performance to meet the highest expectations in appearance and durability.

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Give your roof the royal treatment it deserves with Manoir shingles. Learn more about Manoir.