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Welcome to our blog! This is our first article so how about we get things started with a quick introduction?

Building Products of Canada Corporation aka BP Canada or simply “BP” was established in 1925 following the merger of two major Canadian manufacturers. One of those manufacturers was Bird & Son. Unbeknownst to them, the plant they had built 20 years earlier would become our wood fibre plant in Pont-Rouge, near Québec City, meaning BP’s story goes back to 1905!

BP was founded in Canada, by Canadians, to address extreme variations in Canadian weather.

For over 100 years, we have been perfecting the art of taming the weather conditions of Canada and the rest of North America by creating products that meet regional specificities and by providing unparalleled service to our customers.

BP: Proudly Canadian

In order to maintain our high quality standards for each and every one of our products, and to ensure total control over production, we’ve taken up the challenge of a short cycle. With few exceptions, all our products are made in Canada. Our shingles are manufactured in our Edmonton (AB) and LaSalle (QC) plants, while our wood fibre panels are made in our Pont-Rouge (QC) plant.
This strategy was put in place so that we could keep our primary focus on the quality of our products. As a local manufacturer, we can control production on a daily basis and respond quickly to our customers’ needs.

BP: Safety and Quality

We are constantly looking to improve our products. In recent years, we have made a number of technological advances that have significantly improved the performance of our entire product range.
First, we switched to a fibreglass core for ALL our roofing shingles! As a result, we offer a dimensionally stable structured framework thanks to a material that is moisture resistant.

Second, the asphalt we use in our shingles is designed with an exclusive formulation that suits our climate. It offers resilience and flexibility for optimal resistance to freeze and thaw cycles, as well as optimal granule retention.

Finally, our oversized 42″ shingles with 6″ exposure give roofs a more substantial look, delivering a unique style and a new experience to customers. Their larger size also reduces the number of shingles required to cover a given surface, which speeds up the installation process.

Fun fact: BP is the ONLY CANADIAN MANUFACTURER to offer oversized 42″shingles.

BP: Home of the Patented Weather Tite™ Technology

Our shingles use Weather-Tite™ technology with dual self-sealant bands. The continuous band ensures maximum adhesion. The dotted strip further increases the shingle adhesion while allowing the flow of wind-driven rain.

Weather-Tite™ Technology: a patented technology that delivers the best high-wind warranty in North America—up to 220 km/h!

BP: Warranties You Can Count On

Our Weather-Tite™ Warranty simply is the most comprehensive system warranty of its kind!
Offered at no additional cost on all Weather-Tite™ roofing systems, this warranty includes:
1. Full coverage for 20 years on architectural shingles and 10 years on 3-tab shingles
2. Free transfer for the first 20 years 
3. The best high-wind warranty in North America — covering winds up to 220 km/h, depending on the type of shingle.

BP: Our Expertise At Your Service

In order to provide unparalleled service and experience, BP Canada can count on the best roofers in the country. BP Certified Roofers are a select group of roofers held to the highest of standards of professionalism and quality workmanship.
Our installation technique has evolved over the years to improve its efficiency. Our products are now equipped with the extended 1-1/2” TRACKNAIL nailing area. An innovation that increases the speed and efficiency of the installation!

There you have it: BP in a nutshell. Now that we have introduced ourselves, let us take you on a journey through our universe with new articles to help you make informed choices, find answers to your questions or keep you abreast of the latest BP news.