Everything You Need to Know about Net Zero

Net Zero” is a term many find intriguing. But what does it really mean? What are the real benefits of a Net Zero home? And how can you take advantage of them?

We will attempt to demystify those questions in the following article.

Net Zero, explained

This term refers to energy consumption and production. A building is said to be “zero energy” or “zero net energy” when it produces as much energy as it uses.

This term also serves as the basis of a number of certifications, including Net Zero Home (NZH) and Net Zero Ready Home (NZRH), both of which are issued by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA).

Various organizations promote energy efficiency. EnerGuide, for instance, is the Government of Canada’s official stamp for its energy performance rating and labeling program for key consumer items, including homes. The US equivalent, the HERS® index (Home Energy Rating System), is also widely used in Canada.

The goal of these certifications is clear: to encourage the construction of homes and residential buildings with net zero energy consumption.

What are the benefits of Net Zero homes?

Given their energy-saving nature, Net Zero homes offer benefits for owners’ finances and sense of environmental responsibility. When you opt for a Net Zero home, you ensure responsible and sustainable construction practices. To obtain Net Zero certification, a house must meet various stringent criteria. Ensuring non-excessive use of wood in the building structure and achieving a building envelope at least 33% more efficient than building code requirements are only a few of the criteria that must be met to obtain NZH certification. 

Award-winning projects featuring BP products

In March 2019, home builders using BP products garnered recognition at the Cross Border Builder Challenge. The award for the custom homebuilder with the lowest HERS® index went to Royalpark Homes, while Rosehaven Homes received the Enbridge Innovation Award. At the same event, Campanale Homes won the award for Canadian Net Zero Builder.

The project that won Campanale Homes this prestigious award had a HERS® rating of 0! Various factors contributed to this perfect score:

  • Solar panels installed on the roof

  • Filter system using shower wastewater for toilets

  • Energy-saving windows designed to reduce heat loss in winter and increase it in summer

  • BP’s R-5 XP insulsheathing wall panels, which are non-toxic and air/vapour permeable

For more information on this Net Zero home and its advantages, please consult this article on the Inside Ottawa Valley website.

Close-up on BP’s insulsheathing panels used in Campanale’s Net Zero home

Only the very best products can be used in an award-winning Net Zero home!

That’s why BP Canada’s R-5 XP insulsheathing panels were selected for the insulation needs of Campanale Home’s award-winning project.

Combining the mechanical properties of BP wood fibre and the insulating properties of extruded polystyrene, R-5 XP helps builders meet energy efficiency standards in a single step.

Find out more about the advantages of R5-XP here.